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Wed Dec 26 00:18:45 GMT 2001

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On Tue, 25 Dec 2001, Jeff Weeks wrote:
> I hope this isn't a FAQ... I couldn't find an answer on the 'net, but I did
> find the same bug listed in the kdevelop bug-list (#34780).

Yes it is :)

> Whenever I create a project, I can't compile it!  When create the project I
> get the following error:
> autoheader
> ./aclocal.m4:2181: error: m4_defn: undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion
> acfunctions.m4:1108: AM_FUNC_OBSTACK is expanded from...
> ./aclocal.m4:2181: the top level
> autoconf: tracing failed
> gmake: *** [all] Error 1
> *** failed ***
> That may not be the exact error (I cut it from #34780) but it's very similar
> to what I get.  It all stems from an undefined macro, so I'm thinking it
> shouldn't be a difficult problem to fix... I'm assuming I just need to update
> something relavtive to aclocal, but since I have no idea what that is, I
> thought someone here might be able to shed some light on the subject before I
> go ripping my distribution apart :)
> Any ideas?

You have suse 7.3 most likely or another distro that ships with autoconf
>= 2.5. Downgrading to 2.13 should fix this or get updated packages from or Dont know the exact urls but we had a
thread a couple of days ago about this. is where the list is
archived so you can check for yourself what url it is exactly.

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