Automatic Xref Tool for C++/QT/KDELibs

Stephan Hermann sh at
Thu Dec 13 19:30:47 GMT 2001

On Thursday, 13. December 2001 15:27, you wrote:
> [...]
> Please remember, that a lot of people prefer kdevelop over emacs and other
> editors, because it is graphical and easy to use. Most of them even don't
> understand autoconf and automake - so don't expect the standard user to
> recompile gcc.


cppx is a tool, that's very interessting.
But for a cross reference tool I don't want to patch my compiler (yes, I 	
know, it's not difficult).
I don't want to analyize my code in deep, I (and I think several others too) 
want to have a look over the source and over the functions, classes and 
(unused) variables (tempvars etc.)
cppx is a nifty tool for hardcore analyzes, but for a quick overview to (seek 
and destroy unused but declared) vars and (unused?! ;)) functions it's a 
little bit overloaded.

My 2Cent,


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