Include other project

Marco Keuthen marco at
Fri Dec 7 18:34:33 GMT 2001


I have another question (I am a windows coder, so I don't understand some 
things in Linux / KDevelop :-) )

I wonder how I can include other projects in a KDev project.

- I downloaded the cgicc libraray from
- I made a new Kdev Project <myroot>/cgicc
- I copied the <gnu>/cgicc/* into that directory
- after that I have chosen the menuentry add existing files to project (all 
*.h and *.cpp from <myroot>/cgicc/cgicc/ --> <myroot>/cgicc/cgicc/
- Now I was able to compile the cgicc project

The question now is: How can I use the cgicc project in my new project?


Marco Keuthen

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