where is qt-designer?

Tjabo Kloppenburg tjabo at unix-ag.org
Mon Apr 30 09:51:39 UTC 2001


> I have been working with RH Linux. There I had qt-designer installed in
> $QTDIR/bin. However, the same is not true with SUSE 7.0. I downloaded
> qt-2.2.4 rpms from ftp.kde.org. Nevertheless, there was no qt-designers.

there's a package "qt_designer_2_3_0_9.rpm". You should find it on the suse 
web/ftp server. Probably on Download/KDE Service.
(after doing a "rpm -qip qt_designer_2_3_0_9.rpm" ist says build host is a 
suse.de system)

I dont't know if there's a 2.2.4-designer package. But I think there's a 
desginer when compiling the qt source package...

Tjabo Kloppenburg

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