CVS commit bug: (Nothing happens)

Troy Telford troyt at
Thu Apr 26 05:33:24 UTC 2001

My configuration:

KDevelop 1.4.1
CVS - SourceForge, using the :ext: cvs method - *not* :pserver:.  This 
means that it uses ssh/rsh for authentication, rather than a password.  
I did manage to get SourceForge to copy my public keys to the CVS server 
so that I can use ssh to do a passwordless CVS commit.  Works fine from 
the command line, with a simple 'cvs commit file.cpp' command.

However, KDevelop doesn't seem to like something in the setup; it gives 
a message that it did to the CVS commit, however, it doesn't.

If KDevelop is run from a Konsole, the following is displayed each time 
a CVS commit is attempted:

WARNING: KDE detected X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
  Major opcode:  42

If I start KDevelop from an xterm/konsole, and verify the correct 
CVSROOT before loading KDevelop, I get the same message as if I start 
KDevelop from within a KDE menu/kdelnk file.

However, I do have to ask/request this:  shouldn't KDevelop be able to 
store in the .kdeprj file the CVSROOT info for each individual project, 
rather than depending on the system environment table?

Thanks for any help, etc.  If you need more info, tell me what you need 
and any necessary procedures.


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