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Charles Kibue ckibue at mailafrica.net
Sun Apr 22 19:19:11 BST 2001

On Sunday 22 April 2001 02:17, you wrote:
> I am new to programming and kdevelop both, so i hope these questions don't
> seem ridiculous.

Not at all.

> I have 3 choices and no matter which one i choose or which directory i
> point it to, it fails to find any new kde libs.   I choose cancel and then
> the setup tells me that it is on the last step of installation, which is

You actually need the kdelibs source code (try  
http://ftp.kde.org/stable/2.1.1/distribution/tar/generic/src/) and locate the 
kdelibs tar ball for download . Kdoc can then generate your kdelib docs using 
the  this source code and thereafter it's indexed (depending on whether you 
check "Index KDE Doc" too). Or downlaod the docs from 

> My second question, is after i start up kdevelop, i try to go to the c/c++
> reference.  I get an error......"The C/C++ Reference is not installed.
> Please get the package "c_cpp_reference-1.0.tar.gz" from one of KDevelop's

Confirm where the C/C++ Ref installs into....mine in the 
$KDEDIR/share/doc/HTML/default/kdevelop/reference works okay. Have a good day.
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