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Pupeno pupeno at pupeno.com.ar
Sun Apr 22 16:36:57 UTC 2001

On Saturday 21 April 2001 20:17, you wrote:
> When i start the kdevelop setup program all looks as if it is going fine. 
> It goes through the program testing and finds everything except KTranslator
> and Qt Linguist.  The informs me that the Qt Documentation has been found
> at /usr/share/doc/qt-2.3.0/html/ and that the correct path has been set. 
> The next portion is where i run into trouble.  It tells me that it will
> create a new KDE-library documentation, and for that i need the kdelibs
> package (as the source package) (i installed the kdelibs as an rpm as
> stated earlier)  I say ok and am at a Library Documentation Update window. 
> I have 3 choices and no matter which one i choose or which directory i
> point it to, it fails to find any new kde libs.   I choose cancel and then
> the setup tells me that it is on the last step of installation, which is
> indexing my documentation.  I click on ok and am presented with a Create
> Search Database window.  Again, no matter which options i choose or what
> directories i point to, the index fails.  I have "index the QT and KDE
> documentation chosen and the medium size index".  I say cancel once again
> and setup tells me that the process finished successfully.  I click on OK.
You need to download the sources for the kdelibs, you can download the 
.tar.gz (or tar.bz) file or the .src.rpm file... then install it or 
uncompress it wherever you want (I use /usr/src/kde), then specify that 
directory, it will generate the documentation for all the classes that come 
with KDE, it's important if you are planning to develop kde applications.
Pupeno: pupeno at pupeno.com.ar

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