KDE/KDevelop under Solaris

Thamm, Russell russell.thamm at dsto.defence.gov.au
Mon Apr 23 07:24:21 BST 2001


I just built and installed KDE 2.1.1 and KDevelop 1.4 under Solaris 2.6. 

Although everything seemed to build and install OK, I am noticing lots of
little problems.

1) Lots of display problems. In particular, the tooltips generally show up
as black boxes.
   Sometimes they work properly but there is no rhyme or reason to it. This
is similar
   to the problems that I noticed under kdevelop 1.0.

2) Apparent bug in KDevelop Tool Menu - KDevelop fails to put a space
between command 
  and parameter (eg designer-client rather than designer -client)

3) Errors (apparently non-fatal) creating a new project:

  a) make:*** [package-message] Error 1 (command make -f
admin/Makefile.common package-messages)
     - is this normal?

  b) kdoc: Can't read library
  - the gz file exists and was created by kdoc - so why this error?

4) I get a large number of "Unknown child process XXXXX died" messages on
startup - 
   is this normal?

I know that this is slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me how to run
KDE under Solaris? 

1) I tried creating a .xinitrc with the command startkde.
2) Logged off and logged back on (selecting Open Windows instead of CDE)
3) I get a plain grey screen (nothing else)

Under CDE, I can start kdesktop, kicker and konquerer etc, so I think KDE is
close to

I have installed kdesupport, kdelibs, kdebase, kdevelop and kdoc from the
2.1.1 distribution
on one of the KDE mirror sites. Do I need anything else?

Russell Thamm

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