gidon: additional project options

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sun Apr 22 16:38:16 BST 2001

> Could a gideon developer have a look and see if it is suitable for
> inclusion?

Applied with a little modification, see below :-)

> BTW: I'm a little confused about the purpose of parts of the code in
> AutoProjectPart::slotConfigure().
> I don't understand the mechanism of how the arguments for CC, CFLAGS,
> CXX and CXXFFLAGS get passed on? AFAICT, the code in question doesn't
> do anything. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.

These variables are supposed to be prepended to be command line.
Instead, afterwards the command line was set to './configure'.
That was a bug.

> Another point is the dependency of 'libkdevcppsupport' and
> 'libkdevjavasupport' from libfl. Is this correct? I had to remove it
> as it otherwise prevented me to build these shared libraries. 

Here it seems to work without, so I've removed it now.


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