bug: Internal debugger never returns on Solaris

Nikolaus Bates-Haus NBates-Haus at endeca.com
Thu Apr 19 23:17:39 UTC 2001

I posted this on the phorum, but thought I'd replicate it here:

Solaris 2.8 x86
KDevelop 1.4.1
KDE 2.1.1
GNU Make 3.79
GNU gdb 5.0

It looks like the internal debugger never returns. Even if the program runs
to completion, I have to stop the debugger. Furthermore, after running the
debugger, I can't make anymore. It'll say "Running Make", and show the
output of make, but kdevelop misses the fact that the make completed. ptree
shows a <defunct> process, and truss shows that kdevelop never wait(2)'s on
this child.


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