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Tue Apr 17 13:08:26 BST 2001

Ralf Nolden wrote
> > 
> > Same here so I suspect it is early days in this project.
> Nope, wrong :-)) 
> Ok, I have to admit it's not easy to figure out compared to 1.4/2.0 so
> this is the area again where I'll work on, usability and making a
> power-IDE as simple as possible towards the user. What you need to do is
> to start gideon, then select project-Import project directory and fill
> out the dialog (selecting project type, language and directory). Then
> use Project-open project and select the directory. The project component
> will then open up your classes, files etc. It works, beleive me ;-) I
> just need to find a good way to simplify the handling, so if someone
> comes up with that I'd be thankful. I think at least directly loading
> the project after using import project directory would help, but I may
> be wrong and you guys come up with a much more usable way. Suggestions
> welcome :-)  Please give it another try.

Ok this is what I do:

	1.) import existing directory

	2.) type in the path of directory
	    select automake project (the only option available)
	    select C++ as primary programming language

	3.) From the menu, open project, and selected the previously
	    imported directory that contains a gideonprj file but the
	    fileselector doesn't display any files, only directories.

	4.) typed the name of the file by hand. This displays empty
	    classes, structs, functions, variables and namespaces in
	    the classview.

This is as far as it gets at the moment. 

cheerio Berndt

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