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Fri Apr 13 21:15:18 UTC 2001

for example, if you want to add "view" menu with "zoomIn, zoomOut" actions on menubar

add belows in *App class 
 void slotZoomIn();
 void slotZoomOut();

  KAction *zoomIn;
  KAction *zoomOut;
  KActionMenu *viewMenu;

and initiate them before createGUI() in initView() in the .cpp
 zoomIn = new KAction( i18n( "Zoom in 10%" ), "viewmag+", 0, this, SLOT(slotZoomIn() ), actionCollection(), 0 );
  zoomOut = new KAction( i18n( "Zoom out 10%" ), "viewmag-", 0, this, SLOT(slotZoomOut() ), actionCollection(), 0 );

  viewMenu = new KActionMenu(i18n("&View"), actionCollection(), "view_menu");
and edit "*ui.rc" XML gui file


     <----------- add it


then compile it, it may help you

from Korea 
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> 제목: Menu Hell !
> I've looked and looked and looked and just can't seem to find the information 
> I'm looking for.  Can someone put me on track.  How do I add a menu entry?  
> Following the online documentation just leads to a dead end.  Hacking through 
> the KDevelop source code didn't help me much either.  All advice welcome.  
> By the way why does the Output-View sometimes show up 'detached' at the top 
> of my screen when I start KDevelop new.  I suspect it is after I reduce it's 
> size more than it finds acceptable and then close the program. 
> Thanks in advance.
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Not so special, just a little different.

from Dalsoogie.

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