Kdevelop bug chasing

Jay Locke jlocke at optonline.net
Thu Apr 5 17:25:52 UTC 2001

I've gone through the process of getting the source via cvsup and have 
successfully compiled and executed kdevelop.

I'm new to Linux/KDE development (and unix development in general.. I'm an NT 
puppy), so I've decided to fix boring bugs with the goal of eventually being 
able to tackle more complex issues.

I think I just need to know where to start.  I've been browsing the source 
but have been unable to find where things are happening (for example, bug 
#2308; http://bugs.kde.org//db/23/2308.html).  I can't seem to find where 
that dialog is that prompts the user for the new class method/property name.

Any help would be useful... thanks..


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