Doncho Angelov donangel at
Wed Apr 4 14:02:05 UTC 2001

Welcome to the club!

I had the same problem. I had it solved by installing one package (I do
not remember the name, but if you search for "mcopidl" into you will find the name), but after that I had also
plenty of errors (this was just the beginning). Finally, after no answer
in this forum, I decided to quit and to try another distribution. I
tried this on Mandrake 7.2 and 8.0 beta 2. Until now I have no success
to download Mandrake beta 3, so I cannot say if this is going to solve
the problem. Most probably - NOT!

I assume the problem is into the KDE installation, done by Mandrake.
Unfortunately, I am not yet so experienced to solve the problem by
myself, and the gurus here were too silent (maybe - too tired of guys
like me).

Sorry for not providing you the expected answer...

Best regards,
Doncho Angelov

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|I just install KDevelop and I try to generate a new program. I have a
|problem during the configuration because configure doesn't fin 
|the important
|programm "mcopidl". I verify my installation of KDE and 
|everything seems OK.
|Does anyone can help me?
|My config is: Mandrake 8.0 Beta2 with KDE 2.1 and KDevelop 1.4
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