Rene Maerten delta_x at gmx.net
Mon Apr 2 22:03:10 UTC 2001


i have the following problem.
We use the KFileBasisView and the KFileViewItem.
A Classfunction is KFileViewItem::urlString()
My problem: if i debug this string i get total abnormaly results, e.g.

###file:/home/killer/WindowsD/mp3/ddr/DDR%20-             -1.9945ritz           134860440er%20Traktorist.mp3###

If you can see there is a missing extention on the second filename. it must be .mp3, but the .mp3 is cutted by a me unknown classfunction.

if i now try to start a executable by
	 run = new KRun(myurl); // the filename above)
i get only the KDE CrashManager...

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