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Mon Oct 30 11:07:28 UTC 2000

On Friday 27 October 2000 21:20, you wrote:

> Hi there,
> anyone played with kprof yet ? I only get scrambled output when I try it
> on a binary compiled with kdevelop and enabled gprof infos. If someone
> could give me some info how to get that going like on the screenshots on
> the web page I would be very thankful to show it off the next weeks as
> well as supporting it within kdevelop 1.3
> Ralf

Scrambled output? Mmmhh... the way to use KProf is to generate a textual 
profile results file with gprof, THEN open it with KProf. I do not call gprof 
directly yet.

Also, if you need any change to ease integration in KDevelop 1.3, feel free 
to ask.


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