kde2 libs_docs on kdevelop 1.2

Chema jmolles at airtel.net
Wed Oct 25 11:06:27 UTC 2000

> Chema wrote:
> > Hi all
> > I work under kde2 & I use kdevelop 1.2 to prog. (I use an script to do
> > it) I only prog to kde2,but I have problems when I try to install kde2
> > documentation.(index.html not found...)
> > I make a symlink on /opt/kde1/share/doc/HTML/default/kdelibs to the
> > directory I have api 2 documentation (cvsup-updated) but kdevelop doesn't
> > works.
> > Any idea?
> > Regards
> > Chema
> Chema, this is really simple. Go to setup and set the path to your kde2
> docs directory. Do the same with Qt docs pointing to qt-2.2.1/doc/html
> or something. If you haven´t got a kde2 api, do it with kdevelop and
> select update documentation. then generate it from the kdelibs sources.
> You can do that with kdebase and koffice/lib as well to get kcontrol and
> koffice libs docs.
> Ralf
Excuse me Ralf,but for me is not so "really simple"
step 1 -> setup doc. QT doc:
  my dir is /opt/qt-2.2.1/doc/html
  I think where my docs are... 
  my dir is:
step 2 -> update docs
  where are my sources libs?
  my dir is:   /root/tmp/kde2/kdelibs
  3 options:
  delete old doc & install on local place (where is local place?)
  delete old doc & install on new place
  don't delete doc & install on new place   <-- this is my option
  & my new place is: /root/.kde2/share/apps/kdevelop/
step 3 -> push OK
step 4 -> kdevelop message:
  qt2kdoc: --url=file:/opt/qt-2.2.1/doc/html/: unknown option.
  qt2kdoc: Creates a kdoc reference file from Qt classes.html.
	qt2kdoc [-u<URL>] [-o<dest>] <path-to-classes.html>
  kdoc: --strip-h-path is an unsupported option. Type kdoc -h for help.
  kdoc call failed:
  kdoc --strip-h-path --compress --format html  -n 'dcop' -d 
  ' /root/.kde2/share/apps/kdevelop//dcop' -L 
  '/root/.kde2/share/apps/kdevelop/kdoc-reference' -u
  '/root/.kde2/share/apps/kdevelop//dcop' 'dcop-doc.h' 'dcopc.h'
  'dcopclient.h' 'dcopglobal.h' 'dcopobject.h' 'dcopref.h' 'dcopserver.h'
  'dcopsignals.h' 'dcopstub.h' 'testdcop.h' 'version.h' -lqt
  /usr/local/bin/makekdedoc: generating dcop...
*** no conseguido *** (translation: error!)
Must I delete kdoc & qt2kdoc version kde 1?
Must I change the kdevelop's pl files (processes.pl & processesend.pl)
Remember I use an script to run kdevelop,this is the simple script:
# name: exec2
export KDEDIR=/opt/kde1
export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt1
export PATH=$KDEDIR/bin:$PATH
$1 &
& I run exec2 kdevelop on kde2 desktop.
Any idea?

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