kde2 libs_docs on kdevelop 1.2

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Wed Oct 25 08:00:47 UTC 2000

Chema wrote:
> Hi all
> I work under kde2 & I use kdevelop 1.2 to prog. (I use an script to do it)
> I only prog to kde2,but I have problems when I try to install kde2
> documentation.(index.html not found...)
> I make a symlink on /opt/kde1/share/doc/HTML/default/kdelibs to the
> directory I have api 2 documentation (cvsup-updated) but kdevelop doesn't
> works.
> Any idea?
> Regards
> Chema

Chema, this is really simple. Go to setup and set the path to your kde2
docs directory. Do the same with Qt docs pointing to qt-2.2.1/doc/html
or something. If you haven´t got a kde2 api, do it with kdevelop and
select update documentation. then generate it from the kdelibs sources.
You can do that with kdebase and koffice/lib as well to get kcontrol and
koffice libs docs.

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