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Sascha Günther s.guenther at
Tue Oct 24 14:59:27 BST 2000

> The errormessages are nearly the same:
> ....  checking for Qt.. configure:error: Qt(snapshot >=2.1 beta2)
> (libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
>  if i try to configure KDE2 app and in other case it is missing Qtlib > 1.4 
> <2.0

This sounds like you have some problems, when you installed the qtlibs. There 
will be some questions to ask, before one could answer your problem:

(1) When you installed SUSE, you installed KDE1 ? Did you use YAST2 or YAST1 
for installing ?

(2) When you installed via YAST did you use the "default installation" or 
"kde complete" or any other special ?

(3) When you installed QT, did you install QT 1.44 or QT 2.2.1 ?

(4) Check out the directory "/usr/lib/". If you have installed only QT 1.44 
there should be a directory "qt" in it. If you have installed both (QT1.44 
and QT 2.2.1) there should be the following directorys :

qt (symbolic link)
qt2 (symbolic link)

(5) Did you install KDE2 ?

(6) Did you do any changes to the .bashrc, the .XSession or the kdm ?

(7) Do you start with startx or with kdm ?

If you can answer those questions it would be easier to help you. I had the 
same problems with SUSE 6.4, but this was, because I changed the symbolic 
link of the kernel to a directory (don't think you did that.) 

Please check out the following, too : type echo $QTDIR and echo $KDEDIR in 
your shell and mail, what happened.

I know, this sounds like an interrogation, but those where problems I had, 
when installing QT2 and KDE2 with SUSE, so it might be one of my "former 
errors", you do and so I might help you, if you did it in one of those 


Sascha Günther
(s.guenther at

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