Starting pointers to a new KDE2 application developer aka please help

Sascha Günther s.guenther at
Mon Oct 23 14:38:21 UTC 2000

> > What sw. configuration (Distribution, KDE version, KDevelop version, QT
> > version) could you recommend to start QT 2.2-based application? Is this
> > config available in RPMS, tar.gz, etc?
> > Is there KDE2-package for kdevelop? How the situation change, when you
> > release KDE2?

You can use SUSE 6.4 (I use it 2). Best thing would be to have a working KDE2 
environment running (this is what I did, when KDE2 development didn't work 
under KDE1). For KDE,KDevelop and QT I would recommend to use the actual 
snapshot. The best thing would be to compile it yourself and not to use the 
precompiled SUSE RPMS, cos they seem not to work as they should. When using 
SUSE6.4 I recommend you to deinstall all packages you update, because I had 
some errors doing that not when installing the libSDL (no kde thing...don't 
worry :)

> > Is there any FAQ I should read?

yep ... look at : and at (hope those paths are right, cos I 
wrote this from my - <verybadforrememberinguse> - brain :)

> Oh, and RTFM ;-) don´t forget to set the path to Qt-2.2.0 dir in the
> kdevelop setup.

As you said you are using SUSE-6.4. The distribution for SUSE available from seems not to be okay. You need to compile the QT-Librarys 
yourself (This was when it worked here). Don't forget to set the ./configure 
flags, which is not mentioned in the tutorial, or you cannot use e.g. jpegs 
and stuff. Try to compile all by yourself, then you can be shure, that 
everything "might be running" <g>


S. Günther

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