Problems with KDevelop 1.2 and KDE 2 on Suse 6.4

Sascha Günther s.guenther at
Sat Oct 21 08:42:36 UTC 2000

> As I said I am running KDevelop 1.2, KDE 2 and Suse 6.4. I am not sure
> about my filesystem, becaus I am pretty new with linux, but it seems that
> it does not support softlinks, so I always let my variables point to the
> real directory (qt-2.1.1 instead of the softlink qt created by the suse
> distribution on

Argh...I guess I have it. The access to some directorys was denied, because I 
had to copy the /usr/lib/linux files when my filesystem did not allow to read 
them linked. I think it might be a SUSE problem ? I had the same problems 
with SDL, which needed to access the /usr/include/linux files, but this 
directory was a symbolic link and I had to delete this link, create a new 
directory linux and copy the linked files to there. Then everything worked. 
But when I did that I was root, and now all permissions are roor read/write 
access, but no one else is allowed to. seems I have to change that soon <g>



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