Problems with KDevelop 1.2 and KDE 2 on Suse 6.4

Sascha Günther s.guenther at
Sat Oct 21 07:58:24 UTC 2000

Hi together :)

Just joined the mailing-list, because I se myself in front of some problems 
with KDevelop 1.2 and KDE 2 on Suse 6.4.

I installed KDE2.0pre, and followed the instructions to run both, KDE1 and 
KDE2, together on one account. So I changed several files, as described under While I am running all my accounts with the 
bash-shell I changed the .bashrc on all accounts but the "root" account ('cos 
I didn't find a .bashrc here :) 
Now what happens if I start kde2 : I open a shell and type "echo $QTDIR" to 
find out what my QTDIR is and this is what happens:

as root : QTDIR = /opt/kde2
as a user: QTDIR = /usr/lib/qt (this is the old QT-1.44 directory)

As long as I only did, what I wrote above I could not make any KDE2 or QT2 
projects with kdevelop. Now I followed the instructions under and now I was able to make KDE2 
and QT2 files as root (my QTDIR was pointing at /opt/kde2 ?), but not as a 
user (makes sense, because my QTDIR seems not to be affected by the changes I 
made to the xsession and bashrc...)

As I said I am running KDevelop 1.2, KDE 2 and Suse 6.4. I am not sure about 
my filesystem, becaus I am pretty new with linux, but it seems that it does 
not support softlinks, so I always let my variables point to the real 
directory (qt-2.1.1 instead of the softlink qt created by the suse 
distribution on

Maybe someone could give me a hint, where I am wrong ?



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