Probs with kdevelop V 1.2-12

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Wed Oct 18 07:02:48 UTC 2000


Steven Suson wrote:

>     Although a long time user of Red Hat (since 4.2), I have myself elected to avoid
> 7.0.  I instead keep my 6.2 very up to date, building my own RPM's when necessary
> (in most cases meeting or exceeding 7.0's rev levels). I just couldn't take having
> an OS version w/ a compiler that generates object code which is neither backward nor
> forward compatible.

1 or 2 weeks long ago, a bloke from RedHat said on qt-interest at there are
no probs with the compiler and 7.0. Search for that thread to find out what's up with
that stuff.

  F at lk

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