KDevelop 1.2 with QT2 on Debian GNU/Linux

Raphael Bossek raphael.bossek at solutions4linux.de
Mon Oct 16 15:37:47 UTC 2000


I'm a official Debian GNU/Linux developer and intent to package
the KDevelop 1.2 software with the GPL compilent QT2 libraries
but have to recognise that the 1.2 does require the QT1 libraries
which are not part of woody (Debian 2.3).

Are there any patches that solve this problem I do not know? The
latest CVS sources are working but the CVS version is not really
useable :( so I'm looking for a patch...

Any kind of help would be usefull !

Raphael Bossek <bossekr at debian.org>	

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