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Christian R. M. Koerber christian_koerber at
Sun Oct 15 09:36:00 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > Maybe (I know no French and certainly read English better than I write it).
> >
> > It's about read/write access rights on files (this was probably very bad
> > English). Amphone writes that he/her (sorry for that) works with other
> > students on a project using KDevelop. By default, files created by KDevolop
> > are accessable only by the creating user until he/she changes the access
> > rights on/for(?) the file manualy.
> > I guess that Amphone suggests to integrate an option into KDevelop, that all
> > created files should be accessable by a group by default.
> >
> > Greetings Christian
> When using Unix ;-) this shouldn´t be a task for kdevelop, it should be
> the one of the admin to set all users under the same group or add them
> to a "developer" group. Otherwise, why don´t they use CVS ? This would
> be the simplest solution with Cervesia and KDevelop combined.
> Greetings,
> Ralf
Right. As far as I understood Amphone, becoming a group member isn't the
problem. The problem is, that files created by kdevelop aren't accessable by 
other group members by default. I don't consider this a problem but Amphone
seems to do so. This seems to apply to repositories as well ("In fact kdevelop 
1.2 tiend not account of the masks of creation of files and repertoires")?
If this is so, and I really don't know, I don't even care, it would be annoying
if someone writes some code and walks home forgetting to adjust the file rights.

I know a lot about beer but nothing about cervesia, just in case this wasn't a
joke but a pointer to a CVS administrating software. 
Anyway, if this is so important, I suggest Amphone overcomes his/her reluctance
to write in English and contacts the mailing list once more.

B.t.w. I love kdevelop since I always hated (x)emacs and all those vi derivati-

Greetings Christian

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