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> Maybe (I know no French and certainly read English better than I write it).
> It's about read/write access rights on files (this was probably very bad
> English). Amphone writes that he/her (sorry for that) works with other
> students on a project using KDevelop. By default, files created by KDevolop
> are accessable only by the creating user until he/she changes the access
> rights on/for(?) the file manualy.
> I guess that Amphone suggests to integrate an option into KDevelop, that all
> created files should be accessable by a group by default.
> Greetings Christian

When using Unix ;-) this shouldn´t be a task for kdevelop, it should be
the one of the admin to set all users under the same group or add them
to a "developer" group. Otherwise, why don´t they use CVS ? This would
be the simplest solution with Cervesia and KDevelop combined.


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