KDevelop 1.3beta1 & Qt-2.2.2 apps.

Charles Kibue ckibue at mailafrica.net
Thu Nov 30 08:32:00 GMT 2000

	I'm using KDevelop 1.3b1 and also have the Qt-2.2.2 libs. I use
KAppWizard to get the skeleton Qt-2.2 SDI code and this compiles/makes fine. I
can't however run/execute it off KDevelop, but on the konsole it runs OK. The
error message on KDevelop's stderr is:


 	Secondly, any docs on using Designer with this KDevelop. The
*.ui files are added to te project, "uiced" and "moced" OK.... can't find the
resultant header and C++ files though. 
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