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Daniel Daniel.Lemire at
Wed Nov 29 22:17:59 GMT 2000

I just tested out MagicDraw.

First thing, it looks nice. Installation was flawless. Sure, I had to
manually edit the .sh file, but I can do that, I'm a developper! Never
mind that it asked me for a path to my JVM to start with and then it
just didn't use it... I can manage...

Here's what I have now...

$JAVA_HOME/jre/bin/java -mx200M -Dinstall.root=$MD_HOME -cp
md.Main -D$MD_HOME $*    

Ok, check the last line... Now, that's scary... the "-mx200M" is
probably going to be ignored... it should read -Xmx200m I think... (they
are using the old and now obselete syntax...) but what it means should
be clear to all. The developpers except this monster to eat up 200

That's funny because they advertise 64 Megs of total memory as a
requirement on their Web site... Now, 200 Megs for this sole application
means that the real requirement is around 256 Megs... Why lie?

Then, you have this strange interface where you don't exactly know what
to do... Fine, I'll start a new project. Ok, that was easy. 

So far, so good. Some glitches... but that's ok for beta software...
Wait... this thing isn't beta! And it costs 500$$$$$!!!!! At that kind
of price, I shouldn't have to edit the .sh file... but ok... if the
product works, it will be worth it!

Now, I have this Java source code I picked up... I go to tools then
"quick reverse". I've got then two dialog boxes I cannot close. One
telling me I must  create "code engineering sets" whatever that is... On
the second dialog, there appears to be a file dialog where I can select
files and one "code engineering set" called "default (java)". That's
fine since I just want to use it for Java (guess it won't work on C++
though!). Ok, so, I cannot close any dialog, I may as well select some
source file... I select one at random and I click on "add".

That's it. End of testing. I've got two dialog windows I cannot close
and the main window is now locked up.

I would rather use Together any day.

Problem is... Together is not stable and uses too much memory...

makefiles. I'm sorry, but under Linux... you don't go much further than

Anybody has got something better?

Daniel Lemire, Ph.D.

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