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Wed Nov 29 21:40:11 GMT 2000

I would not recommend Together 4.1 which I tested last week.

Since it provides both way engineering for C++ and Java, it seemed
promising... And I use both languages extensively, so it is really

I've known about Together since version 1.0 I think. Back then, I was
trying to run it under JDK1.0 with a Sun Solaris box... it was slow...
so slow...

Now, it runs fast. I would say it isn't there yet as far as speed is
concerned, but given all the work it does, it is fine. Those of you who
have a 1,000 Mhz computer will think it is ok.

The problem is elsewhere. It is a dangerous tool. The editor doesn't
backup your changes and if an extension is thrown (anything, but often
and OutOfMemoryException can occur on modest projects...), then, it will
rewrite your code... leaving out the pieces it could not get at due to
the exception.

Finally, together, on a modest project (say 20-50 classes) will easily
require 200 Megs on its own to run smoothly. I really mean it. That's
how much memory you won't have for other applications. The thing is a
monster... it loads stuff up and never releases the memory...

Obviously, the tool has been optimized for speed, not memory usage!

So, if you have a 1,000 Mhz computer with 512 Megs of ram and you are
backing your files manually ever 15 minutes... it is fine.

> On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 Werner Modenbach wrote:
> >
> As you can see I'm answering my own postings ;-)
> > I'm looking for a case tool which works nicely together with kdevelop.
> > I think the best known tool is Rational Rose which is currently not available
> > on Linux. I found another one called MagicDraw which seems to work fine.
> Just for the record -> I found a very good URL:
> This is a German page but I think many of you are Germans anyway. The page
> should be of some help for all of us because of its clear structure.
> There are (at least) two very promising tools based on java.
> I had a real good first impressions of "Together" and "MagicDraw".
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