MsgBox problem

Oliver Sbanski sbanski at
Wed Nov 29 15:15:33 GMT 2000

Yep, thank you Hauke, that was the problem. I have to stop the timer before 
the MsgBox. Didn't know that (I am no expert in this event loop mechanism as 
well). Makes me shiver how easily you can mess up the flow of the program....

> Oli,
> is it possible that your slotDoWhat() function is called again by the
> timer? When your message box pops up the main event loop of Qt waits for
> you to close that dialog. In the meantime, the timer calls the slot again
> (which
> can't be executed at once because the event loop's waiting) and this call
> is put into the event queue, being the next to be
> executed (before the sloStopWhat() which isn't queued at that time).
> I am not an expert on this event loop mechanism, just a guess - anybody
> else?

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