MsgBox problem

Oliver Sbanski sbanski at
Wed Nov 29 13:21:30 GMT 2000


if I am not allowed to ask the following question on this list, please tell 
me where better to post it. Thanks.

the problem I have is as follows:
I have a kdevelop project for KDE 1.2, and the following code fraction (which 
is connected to a QTimer) gives me a mysterious problem:

void CLASSNAME::slotDoWhat() {
	for(i=0; i<imax; i++) {
		if(finExp.eof()) {
		    	SERR="unexpected end of file!";
			slotStopWhat(); // this stops the qtimer as well
		finExp.getline(s, 200);

Now, whenever the MessageBox pops up (at eof()), the slotStopWhat() is NOT 
called, instead, the program directly enters the slotDoWhat() again!!!
Strange enough, if I e.g. put the call to slotStopWhat() as first instruction 
inside the if() statement, the program works as expected.

What did I not understand?



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