KDE 2.0: Missing feuatures from KDE 1

Pfistner pfistner at twi-germany.com
Mon Nov 27 10:05:57 GMT 2000

Hello everybody,
I'm not quite sure if this is the right list to post my questions to.
Well, I updated to KDE 2.0 and was quite suprised that several features I
find really smashing seems to be not in KDE2.

1. In KDE1 I was able to reconfigure the behaviour of the resize-button in
window title-bars.
I find it quite convinient to have the left mousebutton to resize it
vertically, the right horizontly and the middle in both directions. (This
seems to be more intiutive, escpecially if you use an emulated

2. I was also able to easiely configure the four cursor-keys in combination
with the ALT-(=Meta) Key to jump one desktop left, right, up and down. With
KDE2 it only works to jumpt to the next and previous in the desktop list.

3. Kpager doesn't seem to get the fully updated if restored from an previous
session. Only after klicking each desktop it get's it correct contense.
Kpager in KDE1 worked fine ...

4. How to start applications without decoration, iconified , etc? The
suggested solution from the KDE2-help (FAQ) doesn't work! Ther is no
Configuration like in KDE1 in the KDE-Controlcenter and kstart rejects the
'-decoration none' option.

5. Looking at kstart: there should be more options! E.g. '--maximize': Which
direction? And also a  '--decoration none' is missing.

I like KDE2, but I also would like the KDE2 to be an enhancement of KDE1 and
not with reduced customization ... :-)

Is there any hope to get those features as soon as possiple?


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