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Sun Nov 26 21:05:39 GMT 2000

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote:
> (Sorry if this is too dumb a question, but I figured this would be a great
> place to ask)
> Since I can remeber, I have always got away ignoring how to do any graphical
> stuff in C++; I use C++ for numerical-intensive stuff, and what I currently do
> is spit out the output and then read it with R, and do all my plotting there.
> Now, I would really like to plot a few things (scatterplots of pairs of
> variables, or of varaible vs. simulaiton run) while the programs are running;
> nothing very fancy.
> Can any body suggest an easy-to-use, very-fast-to-learn, library I can use?
> Thanks a lot,
> Ramon
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> Ramón Díaz-Uriarte
> Triana 47
> 28016 Madrid
> Spain

Ola, Ramon !

there´s plenty of stuff available for you with KDE and Qt. There are
already some programs for plotting output, have a look at
for that. you could reuse the drawing classes and interfaces, you only
should adapt the program then to get your data and interpret it.

Hope that helps,

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