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Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at
Mon Nov 20 23:48:42 GMT 2000

Reiner Dieden wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd appreciate if anybody could help me.  I' just trying to get started.
> I've SuSE 7.0 running with KDE.
> i installed Kdevelop-1.0 beta 3 from the SusE 6.4 distibution (I didn't manage
> (yet) to download the version that comes with 7.0).

Uhhh!! 1.0 beta 3!!! Too old ;-)

I remember there was a brocken libjpeg-package in SuSE 6.4. Do you look in
folder "update" on

But serios (if possible):

Please take a CVS-checkout of kdevelop-1.3pre and compile it yourself. It's
not really a problem and 1.3pre is ready for KDE2-development:

$mkdir ~/kde_cvs
$cd ~/kde_cvs
$echo -e cvs -z4 -q\ndiff -u3 -p\nupdate -dP\ncheckout -P > ~/.cvsrc
$export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at
$cvs login

(no password - press return)

$cvs co -rKDEVELOP_1_0 kdevelop

(wait...wait...wait ;-)

now you have to compile kdevelop (maybe as user "root")

You use KDE2, so:

#QTDIR=/path/to/qt1   (= /usr/lib/qt ??) # You need the qt-development
#KDEDIR=/path/to/kde1 (= /opt/kde ??)    # Again: you need the hole stuff,
headers, docs...


#make -f Makefile.cvs
#./configure --prefix=$KDEDIR  # maybe some more options, try ./configure

(Hope there are no problems during ./configure ;-))

#make && make install

If you want to use a KDE1-program in KDE2 use this startscript:


Hope that helps!



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