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Reiner Dieden reiner.dieden at
Fri Nov 3 14:10:15 GMT 2000


I'd appreciate if anybody could help me.  I' just trying to get started.
I've SuSE 7.0 running with KDE.
i installed Kdevelop-1.0 beta 3 from the SusE 6.4 distibution (I didn't manage
(yet) to download the version that comes with 7.0).
First problem :
Kdevelop complained : error in loading sharred libraires not found
(or something like that).
In fact i found /usr/lib/ (symlink to  After
creating a symlik /usr/lib/ against the latter, kdevelop came up
allright - but I'm not sure whether ths is ok or if my other  problems do not
come frome there.

kdevelop setup is only complaining about glimpse, so the installation looks

But then, I tried to follow the tutorail and create a Project=> new
this get's me the following message :

configure error : Qt-1.4(librarires) not found
sh : /usr/bin/nsgmls : No such Fle or Directory
SGML parsing error - exiting at <>/ line 381

>configure error : Qt-1.4(librarires) not found
I must admit that I'm not quite sure where to look for this :  Is it among
these, wrong verion or just plain not installed (though I believe I installed
everything required (besides glimpse)

 :~ > rpm -qa |grep -i Qt qtcompat-1.45-98

Or : where can I find these libraries and how tell kdevelop where to look for
them ?

>sh : /usr/bin/nsgmls : No such Fle or Directory
>SGML parsing error - exiting at <>/ line 381
I suppose this goes together : what is lacking in my setup ?  Where can I find
it ?

Third problem : I suppose this is linked to the Qtlibs   :
If I try to make the mini tutorial kde-application  i get :
gmake : no targets specified an no makefile found

Just trying to compile main.cpp ears me :
g++ -c -o main.o main.cpp
In file included from main.cpp:17
test.h:20.kapp.h: No such file or directory
test.h:21: qwidget.h:No such file or directory
hmake:***[main.o] Error 1
*** failed ***

However kapp.h and qwidget.h can be found  with  
locate qwidget.h



What's wrong ??


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