Problems with KDE 2.0

Markus Feldmann MF at
Mon Nov 20 08:11:41 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I just compiled KDE 2.0 because for some reason KDevelop refused to work
with my old version.
Now KDevelop (I´ve got a RPM Version for RedHat 6.1) complains about missing
I already found out that these are not anymore in the kdelib-devel...
package, couse they are integrated
now into the kdelibs package. Can I tell the kdevelop rpm where to look for
them, or won´t kdevelop
work with kde2.0 yet ?

I also saw in the requirements on the kdevelop website that qt 2.0 libs are
not supported, can I work with
more than one version on my box, I compiled kde2.0 with qt2.0 ?

thanx in advance,


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