Problems with latest snapshots

Oliver Sbanski sbanski at
Fri Nov 17 09:37:22 GMT 2000

On Friday 17 November 2000 07:45, you wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:59, Oliver Sbanski wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I encountered some problems in the latest (Nov. 13th - Nov 16. ) kdevelop
> > snapshots:
> >
> > 1.) Chosing "run progam" (F9) does not run the program, because in
> > CKDevelop::slotStartRun() the main project directory (and not the
> > subdirectory where the executable is found ) is selected before
> > execution.
> Yes, there are some recently introduced bugs here. Try reverting to one
> about 31st-Oct at the moment. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
> > 2.) Problem 1.) lets debugging not work either. But even when choosing
> > "debug another executable", the debugger complains that it is not an
> > executable, because, indeed, it is just a wrapper for .libs/<progname>.
> > There I'm back with the problem I posted yesterday ("Problem with
> > kdevelop20001115 with new projekt").
> > Unfortunately, I got no response yet :)
> "Debug another executable" assumes that you are pointing at the binary. So
> in this case just point it at the .libs/<progname> and it should work. I
> guess it probably should deal with libtool wrappers, but it doesn't.
> "Debug" knows how to deal with the wrapper, though.
No, in the mentioned snapshots, "Debug" does not seem to know how to handle 
the wrapper - it gives the gdb message "...<progname>: not in executable 
format: File format not recognized.

So I will revert to the 31st-Oct snapshot - but I can't find it anymore at 
Does anyone know where I can get it?

Thanks for your answer,



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