Kdevelop and Redhat 7.

Bjorn Granfeldt bg at w10.net
Tue Nov 14 18:05:37 GMT 2000

> i will try to help you !
> i think the problem is, that kde do not know the real pathassignments to your
> kde-directory
> please make this try:
> go into a shell (before you have started kde2 !!)
> type in:
> export QTDIR=<where located your qt-libraries & includefiles>
> export KDEDIR=<here type in the path to your kdedir, on suse it is /opt/kde2/>
> startx
> if this doesn't help please contact me private

Nope... did not work - still got the dreaded pixmap failiure...
Got hands of the 1.3 version, so consider the problem solved anyway!

Thank you for your effort!

// BG

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