Kdevelop and Redhat 7.

Damon Register damon.w.register at lmco.com
Tue Nov 14 11:30:22 GMT 2000

Bjorn Granfeldt wrote:> 
> I guess that you already answered this question some 500 times,
This list seems to be very quiet on this subject.  I also had
trouble with Red Hat 7 and KDevelop and I posted a message
to this list but got no answers.  Only from the KDevelop forum
did I get one answer but that was just a comment that I had gotten
farther than he did.

> I am quite stuck here...
So was I.  I never did get any help on that subject so I gave up
and dumped Red Hat in favor of SuSE Linux which worked without
any trouble.  Is it because no one uses Red Hat 7 with KDevelop?

Damon Register

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