Build KDK 1.2 on RedHat 7

Hans Fuchs hans at
Sun Nov 12 16:05:38 GMT 2000


I'm tring to build kdk 1.2 on a RedHat 7. I want to run kde2 and kdk 1.2. I 
upgraded all of kde with the rh7 rpms from I also installed the 
kde1-compat(ibily) rpms. Pre-compiled kde1 applications seem to run. But 
I'can't build kdk 1.2.

qt-1.45 and qt-2.2.1 are installed.

When I run  "./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt-2.2.1   
--with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt-1.45" in the kdk 1.2 root dir. It says:
checking for Qt... libraries /usr/lib/qt-1.45/lib, headers 
checking if Qt compiles without flags... no
checking for moc... /usr/lib/qt-1.45/bin/moc
checking for rpath... yes
checking for KDE... libraries /usr/lib, headers /usr/include/kde
checking for KDE paths... compiling
checking for KDE headers installed... configure: error: your system is not 
to compile a small KDE application!
Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly.
configure: error: ./configure failed for kdelibdocs_kdoc2 

Actually the kde1 libs and includes are in /usr/lib/kde1-compat/, but if I 
change the configure script that it uses /usr/lib/kde1-compat/lib, it says no 
KDElibs found.

What can I do?


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