What about kdevelop 1.2 and kde 2 ???/more general

AndiX33 at aol.com AndiX33 at aol.com
Fri Nov 10 13:12:02 GMT 2000


i suppose this is not the right list but my problem interferres with it an so 
i dare to ask the question.

i also have this problem. i don´t know what´s wrong with joerg´s computer but 
in my case, it´s a missing qt-1.44.

when running configure under kdevelop1.2  i get the message:
"qt must be =>1.44 and <2 .xx ........."

i really was waiting for kde2 and i think i made a fault.
as soon as kde2 appeared,  i deleted all the old kde/qt-stuff.
downloaded the sources, compiled it , installed  it in /opt/kde2 under suse 
7.0 and everything was fine for the moment. it looks really great.

but then i remembered that i was too fast and have to install the older 
version of qt ( and kde ?? ) again.
how can manage to get 2 versions of kde on the same computer without getting 

it would be too simple to reinstall the older kde version from the suse 
installation disk wiht yast, wouldn´t it???

i looked up the suse data base but i couldn´t find a solution.
thanks in advance for any help.


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