Using Kdevelop for non-Kdevelop projects

Heiko Leberer Heiko_Leberer at
Fri Mar 31 07:04:59 UTC 2000

Richard Apodaca wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a new KDE user and I'd like to be able to use Kdevelop (1.1) to view, edit,
> and compile C++ sources that were not generated with Kdevelop.  Could
> someone point me to step-by-step instructions for doing this?
> I'm able to import source files into a custom ("empty") project, but from there
> I'm not able to compile.  I've looked at automake and autoconf, but is there
> something simpler?

If I want to create a kdevelop project based on existing sources, I use


and select Terminal-C++ as wizard application. The will be replaced by
an existing one and is therefore thrown away. All existing files can be
added to the project via Project->Add exsiting file(s). ./configure and
automake&autoconf are executed automatically during the first build.
That's it.
If you generate an application of type custom-other, the build
environment is missing ( ./configure ...).


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