Classview gets out of synch

mh moloch at
Thu Mar 30 14:34:25 UTC 2000

debug("Gordon Tyler, Don, 30 Mär 2000"):
> I think it's time again that I whinge about something that bugs me somewhat.
> The ClassView very easily gets out of synch with the sourcecode or refuses
> to go to the method clicked.
> Modifying the cpp file results in the method in the ClassView pointing at
> the wrong line in the cpp file. So clicking on the method in the ClassView
> takes you to the wrong line in the cpp file.
> Modifying the header file results in the entire ClassView being
> reconstructed and all expanded nodes get collapsed. This also sometimes
> results in the ClassView not going to a method when clicked.
> Is it not possible to improve this behaviour such that modifications to
> either of the files just result in the ClassView being properly
> synchronised?
> Ciao,
> Gordon
> --- Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am" ---

... and if you add a variable to your class, it doesn't show up
in the CV 'til you recompile ... 
bb Michael

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