Kdevelop: c_cpp reference... and KDE-Documentation

Bjoern Krombholz bjkro at gmx.de
Tue Mar 28 01:03:13 UTC 2000

Jeremy Knope wrote:
> i was just wondering where i put c_cpp-reference... it
> says KDE-Directory.. that isn't clear enough for me...
> don't know if that's ~/.kde/share/ or what. and
> KDE-Documentation still isn't generated from the
> kdelibs package or i don't know how to get it or find
> it... what might install it?

kde directory means your root kde dir, not the users one.

kdelibs pakage is the source package (.src.rpm f.e.), you
have to extract the files from this archive, and choose
the path you put these into.

if this doesn't work, just take the prebuild documentations
from kdevelops ftp mirrors or even better the compleate
KDK distribution wich offers all the tools & docs you need.


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