KDE2 development under KDE1 (not the standard question :-) )

tom.verbeure at chello.be tom.verbeure at chello.be
Sat Mar 25 11:25:38 UTC 2000

Hello All,

I have KDE1 and KDE2 installed and wanted to develop for KDE2 with
KDevelop 1.1 running under KDE 1.1.2. Of course, I read the FAQ etc.,
changed the necessary "Options->Kdevelop Setup->Path", created a project
and tried to compile it.

This didn't work out correctly, for the following reason: my KDE1 is
installed in /opt/kde, KDE2 is in /opt/kde2. Even though
--prefix=/opt/kde2 is added, it is not used to search for the includes
and the libraries:

checking for KDE... libraries /opt/kde/lib, headers /opt/kde/include

As a result, compilation, of course fails.
Knowing almost nothing about configure stuff etc, I grepped around a bit
and found the line to change to get it right:
in aclocal.m4, line 805:

kde_libdirs="/usr/lib/kde/lib /usr/local/kde/lib /usr/kde/lib
/usr/lib/kde /usr/lib /usr/X11R6/lib /opt/kde/lib /usr/X11R6/kde/lib"
test -n "$KDEDIR" && kde_libdirs="$KDEDIR/lib $KDEDIR $kde_libdirs"

This doens't work, because $prefix is never used. In my installation,
$KDEDIR is still /opt/kde instead of /opt/kde2 because otherwise
kdevelop starts up with bogus icons etc.
To get it running, I changed the second line to:

test -n "$KDEDIR" && kde_libdirs="$prefix/lib $KDEDIR/lib $KDEDIR

I did a similar thing for kde_incdirs on line 794 of aclocal.m4.
After this, everything compiles and runs without a single problem.

If feel this is quite a hack and I assume that I must have missed
something in the settings of KDevelop, but I don't know what... Any


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