Header-files with Extension .hh

mh moloch at nikocity.de
Fri Mar 24 18:08:45 UTC 2000

debug("Ralf Nolden, Fre, 24 Mär 2000"):

> My comment: RTFM: KDevelop User Manual, chapter 7.1 section opening and
> closing files ;-)
> If that isn´t clear enough, open your project, switch to LFV, press the
> right mouse button over the folder "Headers" and select "Properties" in
> the context menu. Then edit the file filters and append *.hh.
That's the difference between a real kdevelop-guru and a stupid
user...please shoot me!
But isn't it true that this is at least a little inconsistency?
Files with the .hh extension are recognized as headers when you e.g.
add them to your project, but you have to change the properties to
show them in the headers section in the LFV?
What's wrong with making this the default setting, like you did with
.hxx, .hpp, .H extensions?

bb Michael (very abashed right now)

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