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Thu Mar 23 11:09:24 UTC 2000

Werner Modenbach wrote:

> 100% (at least ;-)) my opinion!!! I and my colleagues also use kdevelop for min. 6-8 hours a day.
Nice to hear ;-) So KDevelop serves it´s destination, does it ?
(hehe...beating that M$/Borland/$$$$ stuff ;-)

> Furtermore I would like to have definitive stable versions which have a minimum on upgrade risk for production systems.
> Maybe it's my fault but by some reason I cannot catch the point when to upgrade under the above circumstances.
> I think the members of this list are mostly using and improving kdevelop in some "private" environment. Thats
> absolutely great for the rapid development of this !!! IMPRESSIVE SUPERB TOOL !!!.
> For me (and maybe others as well) it would be very helpful to have someone say : CODEFREEZE .... STABLE VERSION
> Or didn't I notice those events?

There is no risk upgrading. We´re (at least I and Ralf F.) developing
KDevelop with KDevelop, so major errors are found directly and can be
fixed, where we also find the needed functionality to implement. Just go
ahead and take KDK 1.1a or the CVS version. Improvements are always made
with care, sometimes it can break but that is really a rare event.

If you´re searching for STABLE - go to the website and download the
latest release. Release means hyper-stable.

Have fun with KDevelop,


PS: maybe we could find a sponsor for designing/creating/manufacturing
KDevelop coffee mugs ??? I would LOVE that as my coffee consume is 2
pots a day and I didn´t get a KDE coffee mug until time to
order one because of KDevelop ;-)

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