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Werner Modenbach modenbach at
Thu Mar 23 09:54:52 UTC 2000

Am Don, 23 Mär 2000 schrieb Markus Gustavsson:
> Hello
> It's obvious that different people have different needs and habits
> when it comes to how they develop their software. I can only answer
> for my opinion, which is that the CVS integration is the absolutely
> most important part of KDevelop right now, which should have 100%
> priority. I use KDevelop on a daily basis, often 4 - 8 hours per day,
> and the thing, of all things, that would help me the most today,
> is a good and powerfull CVS integration in KDevelop, with support
> for remote repositories, and a nice visual part which lets one see
> right off, which files has been modified and stuff like that.
> It would be nice to be able to just klick on a button to have color-
> diffs of changes between recent versions appear too.
> I guess that most people would NOT have full CVS Integration on top
> of their wishlist, but at least, now, you have my opinion :-)
> 	/Markus Gustavsson

100% (at least ;-)) my opinion!!! I and my colleagues also use kdevelop for min. 6-8 hours a day.

Furtermore I would like to have definitive stable versions which have a minimum on upgrade risk for production systems.
Maybe it's my fault but by some reason I cannot catch the point when to upgrade under the above circumstances.
I think the members of this list are mostly using and improving kdevelop in some "private" environment. Thats
absolutely great for the rapid development of this !!! IMPRESSIVE SUPERB TOOL !!!.
For me (and maybe others as well) it would be very helpful to have someone say : CODEFREEZE .... STABLE VERSION
Or didn't I notice those events?

- Werner -

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