UPDATE: Kpp bug fixed version uploaded.

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Tue Mar 21 21:36:53 UTC 2000

Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> Thank-you for all of you who sent me bug reports back.  I think that this
> current iteration should be almost ready for prime time.  Let me know what
> you think.  I think I have also fixed the problem with starting multiple
> instances of Kpp when it is launched from the tools menu.
> The URL is: http://www.msoe.edu/~geiseri/projects.phtml?project=Kpp
> Thanks
>    -ian reinhart geiser
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Hi Ian,

I´ve tried it... it´s getting better and better... compliments.

4 little things I recognized:

1) the packager often differs from the author of the package...
maybe it would be better to get this from a local config file to have
the own name and email in this field.

2) shouldn´t it be better to name the spec-templates
spec-am_edit.template and spec-automoc.template??? to have the same
extension? (maybe you want to apply a filter in the openbox) and of
course "automoc" instead of "autoconf" because both versions work with

3) reading the kdevelop.kdevprj contains actually in the version string
'1.0 Beta 1'.
For this field you would have to strip the quotes and the blanks to get
a correct filename, like 1.0Beta1 (as version for the tar.gz)

4) Saving without loading a template seems to work, but it doesn´t
create any output.
Maybe an error message would be better.

Only some hints for the next version ;-)


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