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On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> Hi, 
> Is it possible for me to write normal c ++ programs using kdevelop using
> libraries 
> like graphics.h, dos.h, iostream.h, conio.h, stdio.h and stdio.h?
> Thanks

You probably already know, that you can't get all that you wanted, but this may
To find conio.h, go to http://www.strangecreations.com/library/snippets/snippets.htm
and look for "Steve Poole's non-block console I/O functions to port PC code to
Unix". It contains in fact only 'getch()' implementation but that's what most
people are missing.
Things from dos.h are about:
allocatimg memory - use malloc from <stdlib.h> (it's c not c++)
controlling Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Break - get acquainted with <signal.h>
accessing directory information - everything is in <dirent.h>
informing about time - this is in <time.h>
accessing interrupt 0x21 - nonexisting outside DOS, so forget about it
accessing raw FAT information - as above
accessing FCB - as above
Good luck with programing,

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